Phera Ceremony

Phera Ceremony


Your Gateway to Sacred Unions, Tailored Rituals, and Diverse Pundits!

Embark on the sacred journey of marriage with Anand Vivaah, where we specialize in crafting meaningful Fera and wedding ceremonies that honor diverse traditions. Our team of experienced pundits includes experts in Gujarati, Marwari, and various Hindu traditions, ensuring that your ceremony is officiated with authenticity and reverence.

At Anand Vivaah, we understand the importance of rituals, and we go above and beyond to arrange different Fera ceremonies that seamlessly align with your specific cultural and familial traditions. Whether it’s the Saat Pheras, Saptapadi, or any unique custom, our dedicated team ensures that each ritual is conducted with utmost precision and authenticity.

Recognizing the importance of comfort, we provide thoughtful amenities like umbrellas in the summer, ensuring that you and your guests can fully immerse in the sacred proceedings without any discomfort.

To further enhance the ceremonial experience, we offer custom-made pamphlets detailing each ritual, adding a touch of personalization and understanding for everyone present. Anand Vivaah is not just a wedding planner; we are your partners in creating a sacred union that beautifully blends tradition, love, and meticulous planning.

Join us in celebrating the diversity of traditions and the sanctity of your union – Anand Vivaah, where every ritual is a cherished moment, and every ceremony is a testament to the richness of your love story