Our Team

Pillars and Founders: The driving force behind our team’s innovation, collaboration, and enduring success

Akanchha Jaiswal

With expertise in public relations and event organization, she thrives on delivering personalized and memorable experiences. Aspiring to enhance orhers lives, she thrives to understand their needs. She loves attention to detail and adapts her creative expression to best suit and enhance the persona of her clients. Her artistic prowess, coupled with her public relations acumen and organizational finesse, makes her an invaluable cornerstone of the team at Anand Vivaah. She is not just a professional, she is a visionary who brings dreams to life, leaving a trail of satisfied and enchanted clients in her wake. She thrives for excellence

Dj Aery

At the core of the team, he seamlessly orchestrates unity, infusing each member with exuberance through his rhythmic compositions. A trailblazer since 2009, he introduced the vibrant sounds of Bollywood to the Italian disco scene, marking the inception of a diverse and illustrious career. His musical journey spans genres and continents, setting the tone for a multitude of occasions and moods. With every beat, he weaves a tapestry of harmony, leaving an indelible imprint on listeners worldwide and cementing his legacy as a pioneer in the fusion of cultural rhythms.

Ashu Awasthi

Over a decade as a beautician and hair dresser, an extremely talented artist, she excels in delivering customised experiences. Passionate about enhancing lives, she understands and fulfills needs, consistently exceeding expectations. Thriving in dynamic environments, she forges positive connections and meaningful experiences. Continuously seeking growth, she prioritizes  customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, making a difference through personalized service and meaningful interactions. Her dedication and attention to detail shine through in every project she undertakes.

Our Story

Anand Vivaah was inspired by the requests of DJ Aery’s clientele, who wanted a genuine Indian-style wedding abroad rather than relying on local Italian planners who arranged a cut-and-paste template to provide an Indian flavour. Born and raised in the rich Indian culture, the partners decided to combine forces on a larger scale and start a firm that would provide all services linked to the celebration of ceremonial activities, including destination weddings with a traditional Indian twist. Who can better understand Indian rituals and culture than an Indian?

¬†Subscribing to Anand Vivaah’s services ensures an authentic Indian wedding, complete with Indian cuisine, entertainment, and sacred wedding ceremonies. Using our services ensures an authentic Indian wedding, complete with Indian cuisine, entertainment, and sacred wedding ceremonies.

Anand Vivaah has been in existence since 2015, with an official debut in June 2017. They examined the top service providers and tried and tested collaborations for service and dependability.


To plan & design memorable weddings that are authentic to each couple, we serve, representing their collective love story, personal values, and style. To create wedding day experiences that cultivate deeper, lasting connections between each couple and their guests by celebrating the collective life experiences that brought them together and will continue to impact them throughout the marriage.
We strive to create a personal connection and friendship with our couples and wedding vendors making your wedding planning journey feel connected and personal.

We curate both beautiful visual designs and connected wedding day timelines to ensure a comfortable, not rushed, wedding day flow, infusing meaningful moments that make for a connected experience. Our goal is to give a traditional Indian wedding tailored to each couple’s needs at the lowest feasible cost by collaborating with local suppliers, resulting in significant cost savings and a heartfelt experience for the couple, their family, and their guests