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Frequently Asked Questions

A skilled wedding planner will save you both time and money. We will provide reliable suppliers and vendors, negotiate the best pricing, discounts, terms and conditions, and coordinate all aspects of your event on your behalf. Using a Wedding planner relieves stress and offers you the peace of mind to enjoy your Wedding.

Planning and design go hand in hand to ensure a great celebration. Wedding design is concerned with bringing your wedding to life via the use of appropriate colors, themes, seating, and so on, whilst Wedding planning coordinates the logistical components and financial management. Wedding by Anand Vivaah provides customized events. This implies that we integrate  design and planning to create an ideal Wedding.

While this definitely depends on the size and nature of the Wedding, we would always suggest you to begin making arrangements as soon as feasible. Specific venues, as well as respectable suppliers and vendors, may need advanced booking at certain times of year. We recommend entrusting the reins to an event planner as soon as you become aware of an upcoming event. This allows us enough time to make backup arrangements while also allowing us enough time to negotiate, prepare, and ensure everything is in place for your big day.

We take into account the size and capacity of the venue requested for the number of guests, the amenities available, parking, technological requirements, and financial limits. We visit locations to inspect the amenities and communicate with customers, keeping them up to date on choices.

We will review all of your event requirements before providing a quote, since the prices paid will clearly depend on the size and type of the event, the complexity of planning, and our degree of engagement. We’ll keep in touch with you about our time, hours spent, and communicate with you on specific topics, but we’ll also work within your budget and plan appropriately. You will never be charged more than we agreed upon, and there will be no hidden fees or surprises.

We understand that occasionally situations happen that are beyond your control. If you require a refund for a cancelled event, talk to your wedding planner as soon as possible, before any further services or items are booked. We will explain our rules with you before engaging into contracts and will thereafter communicate with you if an occasion is cancelled.

We feel it is critical that all parties understand their roles and responsibilities. This helps us retain professionalism, have great relationships with loyal vendors and suppliers, and ensure our consumers are always satisfied with our service.

We provide a thorough event planning service. For corporate events, we can choose locations, arrange cuisine, décor, lodging, personnel, equipment, and even the hiring of speakers. We provide a customized service to meet your needs. Every event is different, and we can meet all of your needs from beginning to end. Please have a look at our website’s services section.

We have extensive experience in dealing with the unexpected. We build in contingency measures for all our events and are constantly formulating plans to cope with emergency situations. Rest assured your Wedding is always in the most capable hands.