Jew Ceremony

Celebrating a Jewish wedding in Italy will allow you to experience Italy’s rich Jewish cultural heritage, dating back several thousand years. Jewish synagogues can be found in larger cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, and Trieste. They are synagogues of great historical and artistic importance and are incredibly beautiful. Italy’s synagogues are 100% Orthodox and only celebrate Orthodox ceremonies. It requires permission from your own rabbi who will prepare the necessary religious documentation to present to the Italian Rabbi.

Planning a Jewish wedding in Italy in a historic castle or on the grounds of a beautiful garden enjoying the superlative views of Italy’s landscapes is possible with a modern Jewish wedding ceremony in the reform tradition. Distinctive Italy Weddings is able to provide you with a Progressive/Reform rabbi who will conduct a modern Jewish or Jewish Interfaith wedding in Italy.  The wedding ceremony features a combination of Hebrew and English and if needed can also include Italian, German or Spanish.

The Rabbi will personalize your Italian Jewish wedding ceremony by including family ritual items such as a family kiddush cup, tallit, or Bible. In the case of interfaith ceremonies, ritual items from both faiths can also be included so that the faith traditions of both families are honored and celebrated under the “chuppah.”

We are able to arrange and serve a kosher meal or a “kosher-style” wedding menu at most locations. Please enquire your Wedding planner for additional information about an Orthodox or a non-Orthodox Jewish Wedding.